Parents and Couples

Rise Up for Parents and Couples

We are excited to announce that we are offering three new Rise Up sessions this summer – one dedicated to Dads, one to Moms, and another one for couples! The course content and structure will follow that of our typical online groups (to see how Rise Up works, click here ). If you are desiring to connect with a group of men/women who have a heart to seek God and grow together, please join us!

Dates: June 25-September 17, 2018

Limited space available

Course Length

The Rise Up course spans 12 weeks.
Each week, you will watch the weekly training video, read the corresponding chapter, and complete the study assignments.

Weekly Meeting

Your group will meet for an hour once a week via Skype/GoogleHangout. During this meeting you will be able to fellowship with those on your team and share what you’ve been learning.


Must be a parent or married couple.

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June 25 – September 17, 2018